Master Controller Kit: Includes Master Controller, ZigBee Wireless IR Universal Handheld Remote and ZigBee Wireless to RS-232 Tx & Rx

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Kit Components

KD-MC1000 - Master Controller (Wired/LAN, supports up to 8 ports)
  • iOS Backbone: First major control system built from the ground up using Apple’s iOS devices – iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone®, and iPod touch®
  • Total 8 Ports: 6 MCP35™ Multi-Function I/O Ports, 1 Relay/Contact Closure Port, 1 ZigBee Wireless Port
  • Bi-Directional ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz: Dedicated for ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz & IR Universal handheld remote (Model: KD-ZRC300) and ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz Tx & RX (Model: KD-ZRX200)
  • USB Support: USB port for firmware upgrades and initial setup
  • Built-in IR Learning: Front-facing IR window enables learning of IR codes from external IR remotes
  • LAN: Direct wire to LAN via RJ45
  • Relay Control: Control external equipment with one set of switchable contacts. Any multi-function 3.5mm port can be converted to Contact Closure using external Key Digital® KD-CCXR200 Converter
  • Real Time Master Control: Allows user to store variables and events internally with/without iOS device
  • Compass Navigator™: PC Editor allows fast and easy programming
  • Device Configuration: Allows all functions and integration into Compass Project via IP and Compass Navigator™ software
  • Complete Control: Audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades, security, and more
  • Control Distribution: Integrates with all Key Digital Control Routing HDMI Switchers to expand the control system and add control ports
  • No need for PC or Mac in the system: All system performance is controlled by  KD-MC1000 Master Controller and any iOS device
  • Compass Alliance™ Partners: Pre-loaded code sets - Full Partner Listing
KD-ZRC300 - ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz & IR Universal Handheld Remote Control
  • 48 Programmable Hard Buttons: For IR and/or RF ZigBee commands, support for unlimited macro and variable actions, programmable via USB on PC or Mac with Compass Navigator™ PC Software
  • ZigBee Signal Transmission: Up to 100’ through walls, doors and floors
  • Device Control: Up to 10 devices with line-of-sight IR control or RF Wireless 2.4 GHz ZigBee control
  • Features: Motion detected automatic backlighting and USB recharging
KD-ZRX200 - ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz to RS-232 TX & RX
  • ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz Receiver: Used in conjunction with KD-MC1000 Master Controller and KD-ZRC300 Wireless Remote
  • Boosts ZigBee Range: Bi-Directional ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz communication with KD-ZRC300 up to 100'
  • No external power required
Compass Navigator™ - PC Editor Software
  • System Programming: Allows fast and easy programming of the Compass Control® system and connected devices
  • Flexibility: Allows for both basic module-based and complex custom GUI level programming
  • Advanced Programming: Create unique and powerful custom control interfaces through advanced programming
  • Ease of Setup: Comes complete with additional IR/RS-232/TCP/IP modules

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Key Digital at InfoComm 2014: HDBaseT/HDMI Lite Matrix Switchers and KD-CCKIT1000 Showcase
  • Join Key Digital's Jonathon Ferry and Tom Arias as they explain additional details about the HDBaseT/HDMI Lite Matrix Switchers and the Compass Control KD-CCKIT1000
*Installation time may vary depending on size and complexity of the system, as well as installer’s training on Compass Control. Compass Control is a registered trademark of Key Digital Systems Inc. Compass Navigator, and Discover The Possibilities are trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All Compass Control products are to be purchased, sold and installed by Authorized Dealers and Distributors. Working Compass Control System requires Compass Control programming performed by Certified Installer/Programmer. Additional expenses will most likely be incurred.