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About Key Digital®
Tell me more about Key Digital SystemsKey Digital Systems makes what kind of products?How can I contact Key Digital Systems to purchase a product, for Sales Support, Customer Service, Tech Support, Questions about my Account, Marketing, or Engineering?What is the KDS Warranty policy?What are the Terms and Conditions on all KDS sales?An important note about interfacing Key Digital products via HDMI with the Sony Playstation
Video/Audio Switchers Technical FAQs by Product
How do I select the right Video/Audio Switcher for my application?Understanding Video/Audio Switcher ApplicationWhat does a Video Switcher do?Can you show me pictorially how a Switcher operates?Why might I need a Switcher in my installation?

KD-MSCAT8X8KD-MSV8X8KD-MSA8X8KD-HDSW2X1 / 3X1 / 4X1KD-MSW4X2 / KD-MSW4x2ProKD-MSW8X4ProKD-CSW2X1 / CSW4X1KD-HDMI2x1 / KD-HDMI4x1 (discontinued)

Video/Audio Distribution Amplifiers Technical FAQs by Product
Selecting the Right Video/Audio Distribution AmplifiersWhy might I need a Distribution Amplifier in my installation application

KD-HDDA1x2 / 1x3 / 1x4 / 1x8

Video/Control Adapters Technical FAQs by Product
Selecting the Right Video/Control AdapterWhy might I need a Video/Control Adapter?


CAT5e/6 Baluns Technical FAQs by Product
Selecting the right CAT5e/6 Balun for my applicationWhy might I need a CATe/65 Balun?

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